Muslims and Healing Project

Improve your cultural competency. This resource examines the health-related worldviews, decisions and practices of Muslims:

Child Life Survival Kit

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Child Life Survival Kit

Millennials in Mourning

Be Sweet to Babies During Painful Procedures

“Numerous published neonatal and infant pain guidelines exist (Lee et al. 2014), and include recommendations to use sweet solutions with or without non-nutritive sucking, breastfeeding and kangaroo care for painful procedures. These three strategies can be easily implemented for reducing pain during non-urgent short lasting procedures in newborn and young infants.”


Child Life in Kenya

Beautiful video featuring the child life program at the Sally Test Pediatric Center in Kenya:

Article by a Pediatric Radiology Child Life Specialist

“A large part of my job is explaining the simple truths associated with a patient’s procedure in developmentally appropriate language, and helping to prepare them for what they may see, feel, hear, smell, or taste… The vehicle of child life intervention is the therapeutic relationship, to build this relationship I approach children from a place of deep respect and feel that to treat them with dignity we must be honest and forthcoming regarding their potential experience during procedures.” #ChildLife #ChildLifeSpecialist


Student Grief

Grief in the classroom: Resources for educators

Talking to Children about Cancer

“Talking to Children about Cancer”, a seven-part series written by a child life specialist!



The Cellie Cancer Coping Kit

The Cellie Cancer Coping Kit is a wonderful evidence-based resource for children with cancer and their families. The Coping Kit includes a stuffed toy named Cellie, cancer coping cards with tips for children, and a book for caregivers.

View the Prezi to learn about the kit:

Read the research behind the kit:

Learn more about the kit:

Child Life at Blank Children’s Hospital: In the Life of a Child

A beautiful video about the #ChildLife program at Blank Children’s Hospital: