Surgicorps International

Check out the wonderful work of Surgicorps International:

Looking forward to traveling with them to Guatemala this summer on a medical mission! #ChildLife

Summer Camps

Dreaming of summer camp! Laughter is the best medicine.

The research shows participation in a pediatric summer camp is related to changes in psychosocial functioning for children with special healthcare needs:

Witness the power of camp for children with serious illnesses:

Child Life Month is Here!

Happy #ChildLifeMonth to all child life specialists, students, and supporters! bubbles-HiRes



Death in Disney Films: Implications for Children’s Understanding of Death

Death in Disney Films: Implications for Children’s Understanding of Death

Research study: “Parents can watch Disney films with their children and verbally walk them through a death scene, deconstructing aspects that may be unrealistic and clarifying points that are exaggerated or confusing. This idea of using Disney films to discuss death can be extended to educational and counseling settings as well.” ‪#‎ChildLife‬



Crisis Nurseries

Have you heard of crisis nurseries? They seem like a great alternative setting for child life specialists and are located throughout the U.S.A. Below is a video from Crisis Nursery, Inc. in Arizona that demonstrates the importance of crisis nurseries for preventing child abuse.

Crisis nurseries can help prevent childhood trauma, which affects health across a lifetime:


The Josh Cares Program

Watch and learn about this amazing program: The Josh Cares mission is to provide companionship and comfort to children hospitalized in critical and chronic care units in children’s hospitals. Josh Cares Child Life Specialists serve as surrogates for, and links to, the families who would be by their children’s sides if they could. #ChildLife

Watch this documentary: Our Curse

An intimate portrait of parenting a baby with a life-threatening illness.

Kids, the Holocaust, and “inappropriate” play

A fascinating read. “In play, whether it is the idyllic play we most like to envision or the play described by Eisen, children bring the realities of their world into a fictional context, where it is safe to confront them, to experience them, and to practice ways of dealing with them.” This is why play in the hospital context, for example medical play, is so important to helping kids cope with hospitalization.

Muslims and Healing Project

Improve your cultural competency. This resource examines the health-related worldviews, decisions and practices of Muslims:

Child Life Survival Kit

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Child Life Survival Kit